Soul Transformation Academy


Our Transformational Dance Workshops are spiritual development and not personal wellness.
We work with guided dance meditations and channeled healing.

In the dance meditations we let go of all the old that limit us and open up all the new that enrich us. We focus on participants’ co-operative power, and we go deeper into it to let go and receive.

We work consciously with the healing field, we initiate influences that unite body and soul and offer an energetic upgrade that permanently elevates our vibration level. It is a process that transforms so that we can be fully present in our lives guided by our souls’ consciousness and with full contact with our joy of life and creative creativity.

Between the dance sequences and the movement exercises and meditations, we work on renaming thought forms that block the transformation we are in the middle of. Thoughtform healing is a healing system we have been channeling, which goes very well together with our transformational dance.

We open our body for more life, more you, more enjoyment, more divine contact. We relate to the body as the anchor of life, where everything flows through. We work to feel ourselves and thereby get in touch with everything else.

Our vitality and joy of life are essential for us to unfold and express ourselves in the world, as the essence that we are behind our masks and man-made identity. We are working to let go of our history, which holds us in certain dynamics and patterns and lower vibrations. And we are clearing and opening up to a greater contact to our higher self so we can feel and allow more life, joy, juice and power.

We see the sexual energy as our natural bubbling source of life for our own vitality. It is the energy where we can express ourselves in the world through our creativity and joy of life. We don’t work with sexuality only as a force that occurs between two partners, but as an inherent force in the individual, in this way we can work to redeem and sink deeper into our own creative sexual energy, and even open up for Greater enjoyment in all areas of life.

We are working to transform everything that holds us back and does not allow us to feel ourselves, to glow and to be in touch with our soul.